Hi. I have a new EZ Flash IV with the non rechargeable battery. And the battery is dead :( I want to replace it but its super hard to find a CR2025 with tabs. Can I just buy the VL2020 with tabs and solder it in? They're both 3V so it should work right? :P

Hopefully. I’m not really sure. Maybe you should check on the sosuke forums to see if anyone’s done it.

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Is there any possible way to soft reset games that take up the entirety of the NOR memory (ex Mother 3)? Thanks!

Not sure :/

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Hi. I found my old EZ Flash 4 and wish to change the theme. Is there a way to "backup" a theme from the card in case I want to revert back? Thanks!

I don’t think you can do that, unfortunately. You could see if the old theme is still online, though.

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Battery is dry or first in

Approximately how long does the battery need to charge to get it to make my save games work? Does it only charge when the system is actively being charged (i.e. the orange light on the system goes on)?

Also, is there a trick to saving that i’m not getting? I created the SAV file along with the rom with the client. I boot the game up, play for about 2 mins, save the game, then shut off the system, turn the system back on, and my saves are gone.

Any help would be appreciated.

Your cart might be like mine. The battery in my cart isn’t rechargable - it’s a standard CR2025, but it’s soldered on, so it’s a little harder to replace. See this page, under “maintenance”: http://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-tell-which-version-of-the-3in1-you-have.130659/

You can buy a battery with tabs (like the one already in there) to make the soldering easier.


Hi there, recently I picked myself up and EZ-Flash IV, half the reason i purchased this was to be able to play ROM hacks of the various pokemon titles, so far i have had no luck what-so-ever. The original games don’t work either; Ruby, Sapphire and emerald all give me a white screen, Leaf Green and Fire Red take me to the “press start” screen with charizard and  venasaur respectively. ROM hacks on the other hand will have other errors aswell, When trying Pokemon Glazed I load to NOR and get Cheat error, after pressing A to continue it takes me to the GBA splash screen and then blank…. simply a white screen. So far nothing i have tried has worked with neither retail games nor hacks, i have even gone as far as creating a clean rom from my personal retail carts and still to no avail. so quite simply I ask how to fix this problem, I know the cart is capable of playing the hacks i am trying in particular as I’ve seen them played on Youtube… I really hope you are able to help…..

Have you run the roms through EZ4_Client? That’s the only thing I can think of.

I have an EX Flash IV, I recently turned it on and it'll load the Gameboy Screen, but after that I get a black framed screen with like Teal and Maroon Screen looks like a white file box with like 2 other boxes below it and there are line streaks through this image. How do I fix this?

Could you take a picture? Maybe upload it to imgur or a site like that. I guess it could be a firmware problem - maybe the firmware needs to be updated…

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hello, i think my ez iv is from the new ones, i dont know how to check, i have flashme and when i try to boot ez iv in nds mode it just asks for the update file, i had tried to update it a lot of times, and diferent stuff i only can boot in nds mode using a old firmware, is possible to make nds mode work on a new firmware?

I have no idea - I’ve never used DS mode. Sorry :/

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I have a ez flash IV card with micro sd adapter that won't play the most games. Even when i use the ez_client it seems that it won't work, wat is it that i'm doing wrong. I read about that it must not matter with memory card you use. so i hope u can help me?

It’s hard to know what’s wrong. I had to reformat my card on the Linux command line before it worked, but I’ve heard that some microSD cards don’t work at all.

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Hey, I have an older EZ-Flash IV and was using your Clearlooks skin version 3(Firmware 1.720). When I updated to 1.72RESET, the number in the top right was gone. Also, the minesweeper game was gone? Why?

I think I took off the number on purpose. I don’t know why minesweeper is gone, though. Here are some minesweeper games for GBA if that helps: http://pdroms.de/files/gameboyadvance/page/27

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But, the 1.72RESET is better than 1.74? Some roms don't run in 1.72? I have some problems with EZ4 Client to... If i put the roms directly to microsd all roms run ok but don't save. If i pass with EZ4 Client, sometimes the white screen happens. :{

the version of the firmware you have to use depends on when your EZ-Flash IV was built. Only the really recent ones use 1.74, the older ones use 1.72RESET.

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