Hi. my card just stopped working, every time i plug it up the screen goes black, if i remove the SD card and restart the white screen showing "game boy advance" stays there and where it says "nintendo" the text is all corrupted, any ideas on how to fix it manually? normal games work just fine.

Sounds like it’s something in the card itself (maybe the cartridge contacts?) I at least know it’s not your SD card.

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Hi friend! I ordered my EZ-Flash iV mostly for the purpose of playing some games that may not be recognized by its database of roms-- namely a few hacks of Pokemon games. (Of course, I did get it for the Mother 3 and other foreign games, too!) Would these still work? I'm a bit concerned, but I do remember reading about people playing homebrew games on flash carts..

For me, some homebrew apps worked and some didn’t; however, if you’re looking at ROM hacks, I see no reason why those wouldn’t work. Note though that there’s no clock, so that might cause an issue with Pokemon.

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Can I flash my EZ4 with 1.74, even if it's not a newer card? I'm using 1.72, which you did post at some point. At least, according to the FAQ you wrote in there.

1.74 won’t work on the older cards - I guess they use a different NOR chip, which is why 1.74 was released. I included 1.72RESET in that same Clearlooks v5 zip file.

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Clearlooks v5

Here’s a new version of the Clearlooks theme, for both 1.72RESET (like before) and 1.74 (for newer cards). I had to make a couple compromises with the 1.74 version, since kuwanger’s fix.py doesn’t work with it.

(Apparently I never posted v4, even though I was using it for a couple years. Silly me!)

Screenshots (imgur)

Download (mediafire)

Hey I recently just got my EZFlashIV and i like the skin you made but they have updated the firmware to be 1.74 and Clearlooks v3 is only 1.72, are you going to update it?

I sure can. Thanks for reminding me.

I’ll post it here (and probably other places too) when it’s up.

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hello. I (as mostly everybody) changed from the DarthVader skin to the clearlooks 1.72. And it seems to work... but after i did this, now i see a lot of folders in the root directory of the file manager, and these folders all have chinese characters for names. If i explore he SD card on my computer, then i only see the "saver" and "roms" folders (which are the ones i have) and i have already checked the show hidden folders option. Any ideas?

Huh. I just see the files I have, no more than that. Maybe it’s something with the formatting?

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How many gb does the ez4 support? does it support a mini sd with 16gb?

According to this thread, it doesn’t support SDHC, so 2GB is the most you can use.

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hi,is there any update of EZflash IV client software ? and flash 'OS' for EZflash card ? thanks for this information.

Not that I know of.

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Sonic Advance note

Besides the well-documented problem Sonic Advance has with the Chao Garden (not specific to flash cards and apparently fixed in the combo pack with Pinball Party), there’s another major issue that I ran into. The game stopped saving for me after I got to zone 5 act 2. Luckily I have the actual cartridge, so I’ve been using that.

Hi! I use my EZ Flash IV fat with a gameboy micro exclusively, and I just got it a few days ago. But I'm having a strange issue that I can't seem to find any solution to. Any game larger than 32 megabytes to needs to be written to the Nor memory, as you know, but nothing at all shows up in the Nor memory ever. I have tried formatting it, and writing smaller games into it, but nothing is ever listed. I've heard of force booting the Nor, but not as to how. Running out of ideas, any suggestions?

Wow, strange. I’ve never used the NOR myself, so I’m not sure…

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