Bug??? Clear looks V5 for 1.74 - I have many folders in SD root ( 1-2 more than what fits on screen). As I scroll to bottom of list then back up. A 0 (zero) is displayed after the folder's name as I scroll back up. Can you take a look and see if you can replicate & fix?

I have that thing too on my 1.72RESET firmware. Not sure how to fix it - I’ve never messed with the firmware except for changing the theme, and even for that I used software that other people wrote.

The ‘0’ probably means 0 bytes, because it’s a folder and not a file.

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How do I know if my EZ Flash IV is a new, or an older card? I bought it a while ago and when I boot it up before flashing or anything, I get this number: V1.720, Thanks!

If the NOR memory works with that V1.720 firmware, it’s an older one.

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Is there anything to patch GBA roms using a macintosh? Someone has created patching scripts in python for GB/GBC/NES/Coleco roms and it works fine. I'd rather not mess with wine just to be able to run EZ-Client

GBATA is the only other tool I know of, but that might be windows-only too.

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Hey! First of all thank you for keeping this miniblog alive and updated! I have an EZ-Flash IV Lite Deluxe with Clearlooks v3 (1.72) and I just noticed that you recently released v5 (1.74). What’s the difference between the two? I’ve never had any issues with my card except soft-reset not working on some games. Should I update or stick to the one I have?

Don’t update unless you bought a card recently - the 1.72 only works with the old cards, and the 1.74 only works with the new ones. They have different NOR memory chips.

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I'm trying to get Mother 3 on my EZ Flash by flashing it to the NOR memory, but for whatever reason it stops at 64mb and refuses to go on. Also, i'm trying to get Mother 1+2 on it but for some reason whenever I load it up (translated or not) it dosen't work. What I find ridiculous is that i've tried other games and they work totally fine. Help, please :<?

Not sure. I’ve never used a game that big :|

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Hi, I like your Clearlooks theme very much. But with the v5 (1.72RESET) the Minesweeper game has a broken title screen, it’s just blue. Fortunately, the game starts by pressing START, but I still think this should be mentioned. Keep up the great work!

I'm korean but i really need help. I purchased Ez-flash IV, but i don't like my skin. I want edit skin myself. Please give me some tips or give me some link for Ez-flash IV skin site. I'll waiting for you.

I think everything I used is here: http://ezflash.sosuke.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=935

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Is Clearlooks v5 based on EZ4_20140306.zip? Do you know what changed in this version?

One version of v5 is, and the other isn’t. The new firmware is for newer cards, and doesn’t work on the older ones.


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Hi. my card just stopped working, every time i plug it up the screen goes black, if i remove the SD card and restart the white screen showing "game boy advance" stays there and where it says "nintendo" the text is all corrupted, any ideas on how to fix it manually? normal games work just fine.

Sounds like it’s something in the card itself (maybe the cartridge contacts?) I at least know it’s not your SD card.

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Hi friend! I ordered my EZ-Flash iV mostly for the purpose of playing some games that may not be recognized by its database of roms-- namely a few hacks of Pokemon games. (Of course, I did get it for the Mother 3 and other foreign games, too!) Would these still work? I'm a bit concerned, but I do remember reading about people playing homebrew games on flash carts..

For me, some homebrew apps worked and some didn’t; however, if you’re looking at ROM hacks, I see no reason why those wouldn’t work. Note though that there’s no clock, so that might cause an issue with Pokemon.

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